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How Things work at TTT/FAQ

Theatre Etiquette at Shows - Cast members and their supporting families have worked hard to pull the show off!!

1.  Please do not be disruptive during shows. text, take calls or check social media or talk during the show.

2.  No food or drinks with the exception of water or infant feeding bottles. Eat or have a snack before the show.

3.  Be a supportive audience.  It is your children/grandchildren/family/friends.  Show them you appreciate their efforts and let them feed off that energy.  You will enjoy the show more because of it!

4.  No ticket no entry.  Tickets are sold online before the shows.  Camp enrollment is not a ticket to see the live shows.

5.  Please be on time.  Doors generally open 20 min before the shows.  We aim to start on time, please be in your seat waiting. Its going to be awesome!

6.  If you have tickets to more than one show, you will still need to leave the venue and check in with your ticket for the next show.  No exceptions. You may NOT keep seats for any shows!  Only we reserve the right to reserve seats as we see fit to do so!

7.  Tickets are NOT refundable for any reason.  Please triple check you have tickets to the correct show/time you wish to attend. Please also check the quantity you intend on purchasing.  If you purchase too many tickets, wrong show or can no longer attend.  Please pass them on to family and friends to enjoy. They will thank you!

8.  Masks are optional at camp!  Unless there is a mask ordinance, which we will follow and will not accept any push back!

We hope that you appreciate these measures are put in place for everyone's benefit.  We are so thankful for you and your support.

Camp Etiquette - The well-being of ALL our campers is important to us!

1.  Every camper that registers for camp will be in our show, whether they audition or not.  We encourage all campers to audition to gain experience, get comfortable and for fun! If they choose to audition, keep We have example videos on the Audition Prep link.  Please check it out! If a camper chooses not to audition, we will place them in the best place for the show, at the Directors discretion. If you are are going to be sour about it, learn to cope now!  There are only so many roles to dish out!  We understand the disappointment.  That is however part of theatre and life!

2.  The Directors casting decision is final. No Exceptions!

3.  It is heart wrenching to see disappointment when campers are not cast in their dream role.  Trust us when we say we get it!  As avid thespians ourselves we have experienced that feeling first hand.  Part of the beauty of camp is that they still get to be in the show that would otherwise not be the case if it was a set cast number.

4.  We get that most summer camps are basically just fun and games within a set time window and when its done it can be forgotten about! Not with theatre Nay Nay!  We do our very best to stick to times.  However the nature of the beast is that things can change!  Some times we have to extend hours or call a certain group in early to fine tune.  Also once they go home they will need to run their lines, practice the ques/songs/dances/listen to the music.  Most theatre parents already know and expect this!  If you are new...welcome to the whacky world of theatre and know you will never be the same!  You will be changed for good!  We only do this for the benefit of the campers and the show.  Yes we know they are tired.  We all are!  Trust us when we say its worth it!  Its worth it!  Its worth it! 

5.  Once casting is done you absolutely cannot bail.  Your commitment to the show goes beyond a fun and games day camp.  It can literally destroy a show if you decide half way through that you are done!  Unless there are extenuating circumstances you could be (at our sole discretion) black listed from future shows/camps!

6.  Once you have registered for camp there are no refunds.  Period!  If you cannot attend camp we are sorry!  We will miss you!

7.  Your camp fee includes your week at camp. A $25 non -refundable admin fee.  Camp Mentors.  Scripts for cast members who need them.  Set pieces & props.  Music director to teach the music parts for each character for the show.  Director to direct the show. A choreographer to teach the dance numbers.  Tech for sound and lights.  Crew.  Most costume items.  Some times we are for generic items from home such as leggings/tights/regular clothing.

8.  Most costumes are provided and included in your registration fee.  However we do sometimes ask for generic items from home such as leggings/tights/jeans/street clothing.  You will always provide your own shoes.  We usually just ask for black shoes to be worn. Many theatre/dance kids have jazz or character shoes in black or your skin color nude, which are great options to have!

9.  Personal hygiene is important.  None of us are roses =)) We are all working hard under hot stage lights, dancing and blocking which can be intensive!  If you have a child signed up for camp regardless of age or gender, they need to be wearing under arm deodorant such as speed stick or similar.  Its is not our first rodeo and we have bumped our own heads many times!  Spray deo does NOT do the trick! We cannot stress how super important this is for your camper!  They know when they do not smell the best and they feel the embarrassment and quickly become aware of it.  Please spare them and us the need to pull them aside to deal with it.  It is necessary to avoid special cleaning and costs you will incur for costumes that have to be dry cleaned and the confidence knock your camper takes.

10.  Bullying is not tolerated.  We have in the past pulled aside and spoken to individuals that have caused an issue.  We are grateful to say that it is few and far between!  We do deal with it swiftly!

11.  Good behavior is expected from campers and parents/guardians.  Please be kind.  We all get more with honey than we do with vinegar and we are all in this boat together trying to make the show/camp/experience a good one. We have taken a role away from a camper in the past who thought it was a good idea to try and intimidate/manipulate.  We simply do not stand for it.

12.  There is a $25 non- refundable admin fee for camp registration.  It is included in your camp price.   If you register campers individually you will pay multiple registration fees!  We suggest you take advantage of the built in multiple sign up discounts to avoid this!  This $25 admin fee is non refundable even if camp is canceled. 

13.  We do have a coupon.  It is the only coupon available and if you do not use it at check out it will be your loss!

14.  Campers need to bring their own lunch/snacks and water bottle each day to camp.  Please make sure you pack something they can eat straight out of their lunch box and that it does not require any heating or cooking.  Please make sure you pack a solid snack as they get hungry!  They will be able to refill their water bottle from the beverage station as they wish.

15.  We do have a pizza cast party for them and will let you know which day of camp we do that. It is usually on the Friday or Saturday.  Each camper will bring about $5 to put towards the party.

16.  We usually have a Popsicle day which is the Wednesday.

17.  We do not recommend that campers bring expensive items/electronics/toys/collectibles to camp.  If they go missing it will be their responsibility.  We do not allow them to use them during camp.

18.  Each camper gets a bin to put their items in for the day.  Please make sure you mark everything from scripts, hoodies to water bottles.

19.  We are not responsible for expensive electronics/jewelry/items sent to camp.  Each camper has a bin to place their items in.  We continuously stress to them to not leave their items lying around and to not touch other peoples property.  We ask you to please do the same from your side. 

20.  We do not permit campers to play on their phones/tablets during active rehearsals.  It is disruptive.  There are times when they will have the opportunity to read or do a small craft.  This also helps curb anything inappropriate.

21.  When you register for camp you will get a confirmation email.  Please read this email as it will contain a link to a Facebook Group, where parents and older campers can join in.  We share almost everything on there, from photos, links, time changes, costume information and so on!  If you do not join you are not going to be able to stay in the loop easily. It is our preferred method of communicating with the group as a whole. Only parents and or guardians will be let into the group, it is not for family members or friends.  If you do not join this group you are going to struggle to be kept up to date!

22.  We are not permitted to share the music for a show with your in its entirety.  How ever sometimes we find a YouTube link with the full playlist and if we do we will share that on the Audition Prep Tab above.  Please listen to it and get familiar with the songs of the show!


All Payments are due on registration.

We only have one coupon ($25 off)  TTTNoworries at check out.  The Coupon is valid until camp starts. If you forget to use it there is noting that can be done about it!  Make sure you use it at check out! We will not refund you the money you lost on not using any coupons!

Once you have registered for camp refunds will processed on the following sliding scale, should you no longer be able to attend camp.. 

100+ days before the first day of our camp season!  (not your camp, but our camp season!)

You will get a refund minus the $25 non refundable admin fee and $50 cancellation fee.  No exceptions!

50 - 99 days before the first day of our camp season!  (not your camp, but our camp season!)

You will get a refund minus the $25 non refundable admin fee and  $100 cancellation fee. No exceptions!

50 days or less before the first day of our camp season!  (not your camp, but our camp season!)

No refunds!  no exceptions.

Alternatively you can request to be transferred to one of our other camps with no penalty.

Tickets to our live shows are NOT refundable for any reason.  Please triple check you have tickets to the correct show/time you wish to attend. Please also check the quantity you intend on purchasing.  If you purchase too many tickets, wrong show or can no longer attend.  Please pass them on to family and friends to enjoy. They will thank you!

Covid 19 is a risk.  By sending your camper/s to camp you acknowledge you are comfortable with sending your children to our camps, coming to watch the shows and taking part in all or any activities we are having, all at your OWN RISK! If Covid 19 or any other transmittable disease is a concern for you and poses medical risk to you and your family, then our camps are not for you and we are sorry.


Audition Prep/Questions - Contact Sarah at Treble Makers

205 393 8357

Tickets/Registration/Costumes - Contact Bibi  205 614 7439

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